History Provides Valuable Information About Our History

History is the study of time. Human beings from early days have always been interested in understanding their genealogy, the evolution of mankind, the reasons for the existence of the species, history and all other aspects of human life. Early history is considered prehistorical. “historic” is used in a narrower sense, that refers only to historical periods posterior to the invention of written languages.


“Human history” is a term borrowing from the field of history that implies the study of mankind as a whole from the Stone Age up to the nineteenth century. History, being a subject that combines both arts and sciences, offers multiple benefits for students wishing to deepen their understanding of the human subject. It provides a rich source of information for courses of history, politics, economics, geography, sociology, communications and even for students looking for specific topics for a thesis or dissertation. It is also a great introduction to a wide variety of historical disciplines, such as religious history, literature and the arts, history of art, astronomy, archeology, and even genetics.

There are countless examples of scholars who have applied their studies of history and their findings in a variety of fields, ranging from biography to architecture to anthropology and psychology. There are innumerable instances where the fruits of the labors of historians have been put to good use today. For instance, archaeologists have excavated ancient Egyptian monuments and discovered the buried civilization of Khamer. These discoveries have provided scientists with valuable information about the ancient civilisations of Egypt and Khamer. Studying history provides us with many examples of how the past has shaped our present society and how by looking back into the past, we can learn from the mistakes and the failures of those who came before us.