Students Learn About History And Identify Their Passion

History is the study of the history. Events prior to the invention of written records are often regarded as prehistorical. ” Histoire” is an umbrella word containing prehistorical as well as historic events and the knowledge, discovery, compilation, documentation, and interpretation of those events. Some other terms used to define the field include cultural history, social history, political history, archeology, archetypology, environmental history, and psychology of history.


Many individuals have special interest in particular periods in history. This may be because of a particular group of people, a desire to know how certain events took place at a specific time, or it could be as a way of gaining insight into how humans lived in the past. One of the many fields in history that lends itself to the study of history is archeology. There are several archeological teams working across the globe attempting to uncover the answers to ancient questions. These teams use a variety of tools including computers, sensors, lasers, cameras, and excavators to uncover the answers to old questions.

A history major can specialize in a variety of subjects such as ancient history, early American history, early Middle Eastern history, and even ancient Greece and Rome. The topics can be as vast as the human history, covering everything from early Native American history to the ancient Grecian and Roman empires. A variety of universities offer a variety of degree programs in history, which may lead to a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or PhD. Those pursuing a career in history may find employment as a university professor, writing for a research center, museum curator, teacher, or conducting research themselves.