Hints About History

History is the systematic study of the entire past. Most events prior to the invention of written historical systems are often regarded as prehistoric. “Neo-Linguistic programming” is a computer language invented in 1990, which is supposed to be able to record and represent all past languages. Since its invention, various theories have been put forward on the relationship between human language and history. They include that language shapes historical events and the historical processes that take place over the course of history.


History is often considered as a discipline of humanities, considering it to be the basis for all academic study. As it is very important to understand the past for many people, especially those who follow history, there are many historians around the world. Many historians focus on particular historical regions or time periods. Some historians specialize in only certain types of history, such as war, politics, ancient history etc. For example, if you want to become a professional archaeologist, you would be required to complete an MA degree in history.

Another major area of History is a socio-cultural history. This consists of all the traditional humanities areas of study like History, Literature, Art, Philosophy etc., combined with the more recent areas of research into the social context of human beings. Social scientists usually concentrate their interests in particular areas, like social studies, anthropology, sociology and cognitive psychology. These social historians have made important contributions to understanding human interaction and community structure, and have made significant contributions to the fields of anthropology and sociology, including work in political science, business studies and psychology.